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  good afternoon everybody!

  its my honor to speak here and i am very glad to share my topic with all of you. today id like to talk about “my dream”. i do not just have one dream, in fact, i have three. they are: a healthy life, a happy family and to travel my great country.

  i have always admired the long healthy life my grandparents have. they are older than 80 years of age and they are still alive and kicking! how do they do that!? my grandparents plant vegetables and grow rice themselves; even in their old age they still make food for themselves! i guess that is why they can remain healthy. more importantly they remain humble and never ask for too much from life. perhaps that makes them common, but they live a happy life. my grandmother once told me this:” i do not want to live long, only long enough for some

  since my graduation from primary school, until now, every time on my birthday i make the same wish. i wish my parents will not fight anymore. i am not complaining that they gave me a bad childhood, they just fight so much! i am unhappy but that does not mean they do not love me. they do! they love me with all their heart. i love my parents also; i want them to live a happy life as well.

  i want to travel this great country of ours. i want to see the beauty of our country. i want to see the miracles that made this country great! i want to go from the east to west, from the north all the way down to the south! i have a dream, that one day i can travel and see my country with my family and friends! if that is not possible, seeing my country on my own is good enough also. if i can fulfill all three of my dreams in life, then god can take me away. i would be happy, and l would have lived a full and prosperous life.

  thank you everyone for listening to my dreams.

  i thank you!
















  My China dream As we all know, everyone has a dream, every Chinese has a Chinese dream. I have a Chinese dream, too. I am a student in a middle school. My Chinese dream is to inherit on the generation of their dedication, make our motherland more powerful, more and more people rich. At the same time, let the next generation a better condition to realize their dream of china.

  Before we state the poor and weak, suffering from bullying, when every Chinese people want to own a powerful motherland, the motherland strong, can we live a happy life? Make our country strong, let the Chinese people stand up, this is our pursuit of the last generation Chinese dream! After a struggle, a generation of people"s dream has been fulfilled, have a look have a look

  around us, with a smile of you. As a generation of people dream of witness, I feel honored, also feel a heavy responsibility, they put more dreams give us, today, we will the Chinese dream continue. Our motherland is strong, the people rich. We have no reason to do better than the last generation difference. I will insist, hard, don"t give up, even if the way in the pursuit of a dream continues to receive serious rebuff, stumble, I will climb up, continue to go forward. We have to unite, work hard. A regular, but it is also true of middle school students, we should do their own work. Before university, almost all learning is in laying the foundation for the future. Perhaps what fractional equation, geometric, appreciation of the interpretation of sentences, etc. in the future will not be used, but this is not certain to be used. Math training our thinking, Chinese and English to improve our expression, without these how to realize our dream of China?

  Although today we don"t need to go through the baptism of fire, but we have a responsibility to carry forward the national spirit, the strength of its own for all contribute to the motherland. Inheritance of a generation of Chinese dream, to the next generation of Chinese dream, this is my China dream! Thousands on thousands of high school students dream will collect a great Chinese dream, this is our Chinese dream. When the thousands on thousands of parents to live a good life, thousands on thousands of students to become the pillars of our nation, we have no reason not to realize the Chinese dream! I know, although I am not a genius intellect, no

  extraordinary talent, but I have a heart of gold. Many people think that cannot realize the dream is the slogan, sometimes dream existence value lies not in whether it can achieve, but in the process of quest. My China dream built on our growing prosperity and development of culture, to the motherland as the basis, therefore I feel proud and proud. I, a student of new times, I am proud of my Chinese dream, proud of our motherland. People together can make one person alone cannot make career; wisdom, hands, in combination with the power, is almost universal. "It is not afraid of hard, attacking the book don’t afraid of difficulties. Science has dangers, fighting hard to pass." I took it as my motto.

  We all have our own dreams, a man without a dream is like in the boundless sea, lost the direction, the dream is like a compass, guide your direction, a dream is just like a distant

  lighthouse, flashing the lights, light your way, and through their own hard work, to realize their dreams, to complete his beautiful and happy dream.。.。.。

  My dream of China never fades.



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